The discovery of these wonderful waters was by chance.

A story is told of a dog covered in eczema who used to go everyday with his owner to work in the fields. He looked really bad, but both neighbours and owner started to realise that as the days went by the dog’s skin was getting better and better.

Struggling to make sense of his recovery, since no human remedy was used, they decided to find out its cause. And it was the dog’s owner who found it.

One day he found out that the dog would divert from the normal path towards a creek where he would wallow in it very happily.

He spoke about the case with caution and mistrust, but some people who also had skin problems imitated the dog, and surprisingly they experienced the same positive improvement in their conditions.

Ever since, the reputation of these “miraculous” waters started to spread until the day that, due to the high volume of visits, the construction of a spa was decided.