Social Security System pensioners can benefit from this Program, by means of retirement or disability, in any case, and by means of widowhood or any other pension as long as the applicant is at least sixty years old.

One more requirement for people to take part in the Program is to be able to manage by themselves in everyday activities and not have infectious diseases or behavioural problems that prevent living in the residential centre.

Applicants may be accompanied by their spouse, for which the pension and age requirements will not apply.

The Social Thermalism program offers the following services:

  • – Full board and lodging in shared double rooms in Hotel Fuentemar.
  • – Basic thermal treatments, including the prescription of treatments by our spa physician, the treatment itself and medical follow-up.
  • – Entertainment activities and group travel insurance.

This season users are offered 12 day-long packages (eleven nights).

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Youth is not a specific age group, it is a state of mind and a level of energy and vitality that wears out with time due to physical and emotional draining.

Balneotherapy offers the possibility for people to recover the balance between all spheres of life through thermal healing, which brings together the benefits of medicinal waters, a balanced diet and exercising in a natural environment.

You decide at your own pace and your own way how to get back in touch with your best self.

Some people call it a second youth. We call it well-being.